Kaisa Kuslapuu: “This record “Nupud” summarizes the way of thinking and feeling I have gained from playing karmoŇ°ka. By the title of the record (and the title track), I mean not only the instrument buttons but also buds found in nature: the time of buds is quite short but very lively. The emergence of a leaf or a flower takes at first weeks and all of a sudden days; watching it is psychologically very charged. A similar situation occurs when picking up an instrument: at any moment, something can move, something can sprout, something can come loose. This kind of internal burning could also be found in the relationship between the musician and the dancers and the musician and the listener – that’s the kind of power I’ve tried to convey on the record.

The album contains songs that I have written over the past five years, and several pieces this spring as well! All seven original pieces were recorded in the studio of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, with Matis Leima as the sound director and post-processor.”

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