About Kaisa

Kaisa Kuslapuu (born 1995) is a versatile musician and creator whose style and way of thought have been influenced by classical, jazz and traditional music. Her musical path began when she studied piano and bagpipes at Võru music school. Kaisa got a taste for traditional music quite early on, and folk music summer camps in Võrumaa became her favourite. There she became curious about ensemble playing, which is still her favourite form of communication.

She graduated from Heino Eller Music School majoring in organ and improved herself in several courses in music composition, ensemble directing and creative collaboration. Kaisa’s main instruments are the piano, organ, karmoška (russian diatonic accordion), Estonian bagpipes and whistles.

She writes and performs her songs in Lonitseera, works as an organist and instrument teacher and holds the title of 2019 Tartu City Young Culture Bearer.

In 2021, her solo karmoška album Nupud was released. In 2022, Lonitseera released their debut album Tapeet.